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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Balancing Stones

The first time I saw the Balancing Stones was in a postcard somewhere. I didn't  know where in Vancouver was this Artistic manifestation happening and for how long.

Then right after moving here last summer, my very good friend Suzanne was ending her year long travel around this amazing Country to return back home, Germany. As a Welcome, she game me a nice book about my new City. "City of glass, Douglas Coupland's Vancouver" . There inside I saw for the second time this balancing Stones, now I knew it was happening on the Westend, my own neighborhood downtown!! ( Imagine my surprise)

She wrote on the first page : "For Inspiration and Enjoyment".  I really have been enjoying Vancouver very much, and the book has been  and still is fount of inspiration to see and discover this amazing city through my own eyes...

I hope you are enjoying Vancouver with me 

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BFF Award

BFF Award