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Friday, September 25, 2009

Changing URL address!!!

Hello Everyone, for a more consistency and daily updates Im changing the URL address of the blog in the next couple of days. Its a slow process for the new set up I want to keep a similar but easier blog layout...check it our and follow the new blog This old one will stay on for a while but for sure will be deleted by the end of the year...for Vancouver daily please see http://bcvancouverdailyphoto.blogspot.com/ and follow.

Thanks for your time on the web and visits, I want to build a better blog from now on.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall coming

Vancouver from Grouse Mountain gondola

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Canada Line

On Monday afternoon Vancouverites were invited to ride the new $2 billion Canada Line for free in celebration of the rapid transit system's opening, which launched three months ahead of schedule.
And ride they did. It's estimated more than 80,000 people took advantage of the offer and the freebies offered along the routes between Vancouver, Richmond Centre and YVR. I rode the Canada Line without any special media status and chose the Oakridge station as a starting point. The new line itself was impressive. The passengers crowding it were not.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Pride Parade 2009

They were loud and they were proud. Hundreds of thousands of spectators came out on Sunday to cheer on Vancouver's annual pride parade — the second largest in Canada — as it wove through the downtown core.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Pride takes over!!!

No weather forecast is need it to know that rainbows will show this weekend long in Vancouver.
The 2009 Pride season kicks off tonight with some events to celebrate the city's diverse gay and lesbian community.

Davie street closed tonight to start the celebration...I have been living in this neigborhood for almost 2 years now and I love it, but I must admit I was a bit surprise when I was charge 7 dollars to be able to come out and celebrate divercity!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

hottest day ever

Wednesday was the hottest day ever recorded in Vancouver, according to CBC meteorologist Claire Martin.

At 5 p.m. PT, Environment Canada recorded a high of 33.8 C, breaking the previous record of 33.3 C set in 1960.

Martin said anyone hoping the heat wave blanketing B.C. will be breaking anytime soon might just have to find some other way to chill out...

In this photo from cbc (TOO HOT TO CARRY MY BIG GUN ) THANKS CBC NEWS Seniors playfully squirt water guns given to them Wednesday to keep cool at Crofton Manor in Vancouver. (CBC)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Virgin Music Festival

After a great weekend of music,memories and as little clothing as the law permit. Was oficial the Virgin Festival in BC brought tthe heat back to the west coast!!...and its hot right now folks!! uffff

With 1,786 bikini-wearing music lovers, 1,067 packets of sunscreen, 48 mega sonic speakers, 5 marriage proposals texted up to the gigant screen, and 4 dancing bushes it was a butt kicking weekend at the deer lake park!!

...Some were too tired to watch Ben Harper's and the relentless7 band show...nothing wrong with just listen!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stormy fireworks night!

Stormy fireworks night last night at the celebration of lights....rain was not on the forecast, but it was certainly not on the forecast a thunder storm...we got all pretty wet, but it was worth it! What a show! Fireworks and lightnings...
Due to the rain didn't take my big camera, but Im pretty proud of this small snapshot! :O)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Celebration of Lights 2009

Since 1990, Vancouver has been home to the Celebration of Light (originally known as the Symphony of Fire). This international pyro-musical fireworks competition has attracted the world’s leading fireworks designers and is seen as a highly prestigious event. The fireworks festival creates an exciting arena where spectators can enjoy each country’s representatives unveil their latest techniques and use the most innovative fireworks materials as they compete to be crowned the winner.

Since 1990 Vancouver’s been a host to this international fireworks competition. Formerly known as Benson & Hedges Symphony of Fire, competitions were held around the world, most notably in Canadian cities Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. In 2000 the Canadian government restricted tobacco advertising and Benson & Hedges pulled their funding from the million dollar event.

In 2001 the event was saved by HSBC Bank Canada, BC Hydro Power Smart and the City of Vancouver, renaming the event the HSBC Celebration of Light. Today the competition continues to light the skies over Vancouver’s English Bay as three countries compete for the title.

Location: English Bay, Vancouver

Start time: 10:00 p.m. rain or shine

Best viewing points: English Bay, Kitsilano, Vanier Park, Jericho Beach.

The event is free to watch from public parks and beaches. Music simulcast begins at 10:00 p.m. on radio station SHORE 104fm. Estimated annual attendance: 1.4 million people.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 – Canada Night
Saturday, July 25, 2009 – S. Africa Night
Wednesday, July 29, 2009 – UK Night
Saturday, August 1, 2009 – China Night

Monday, July 20, 2009

Royal Sweet Diamond

This bronze Vancouver Bull statue was installed here in front of the BC Turf Building downtown in 2000. It is a tribute to the building owner's favorite prize bull, Royal Sweet Diamond. The statue was created by Joe Fafard. For more, see this website....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our Comunity Garden

Here is very common that people whom has no garden can at least get a peace of ground on this community gardens,. You can grow you own flowers and or veggies...wonderful way to decorate the environment around too. You can find this all around the city.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New York Fresh Air Fund-Racers

Since 1877, The Fresh Air Fund, an independent, not-for-profit agency, has provided free summer vacations to more than 1.7 million New York City children from low-income communities. Last summer, close to 5,000 children visited volunteer host families in suburbs and small town communities across 13 states from Virginia to Maine and Canada. Most children who visit host families are re-invited year after year and form life-long friendships.

Every year, 3,000 children also attend five Fresh Air camps on a 2,300-acre site in Fishkill, New York. Youngsters learn how to swim, go on overnight hiking trips and participate in dance and art classes. Campers say their favorite part about camp is meeting new friends. The Fund’s year-round camping program serves an additional 2,000 young people each year.

Our adolescent campers, 12-to-14-year-olds, participate in The Fund’s innovative Career Awareness Program (CAP), which takes place year-round. The program focuses on expanding youngsters’ educational and career options through challenging classes at Camp Mariah in Fishkill, tutoring, job shadowings, and a career fair. Career awareness graduates continue to receive support through the PreOccupations Club and benefit from the guidance of volunteer mentors.

For more information, please visit The Fund’s Web site at www.freshair.org, they need new host families, if you are able help and or host a Child in need of this wonderfull summer experience, please contact the Fresh Air Organization

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shoes on the line....

You see them in most cities, large and small, and I suspect everyone who encounters them wonders the same thing: Who tosses all those old, tied-together pairs of schoes onto power lines and telephone wires, and why????

I will admit up front that I don't have a definitive answer. No one does. Like most people, I've noticed the darned things dangling way up there on utility lines over virtually every neighborhood I've ever lived in, and always assumed they were artifacts of one of those adolescent male challenges or rites of passage most of us are party to during our youth — e.g., let's see which one of us can fling a pair of old sneakers over the highest wire.

It is popularly believed that tennis shoes hanging from utility wires designate "gang territory" or a location where one can buy street drugs, but that version of events would not seem to apply to the hefty percentage of shoes seen dangling over non-gang neighborhoods and quiet streets in rural towns where there's little or no gang and drug activity to be found.

Another folk belief holds that teenage boys who've just "scored" for the first time — i.e., lost their virginity — are wont to heave an old pair of sneakers over a power line to celebrate the moment and proclaim their conquest to the world (who says teenage boys aren't romantic?).

The long and short of it is that everybody seems to have a theory but nobody knows the answer. Maybe there is no answer; maybe sneakers hanging on power lines don't have any particular meaning at all.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Trial...

From CBC news today....

Many Vancouver commuters were adjusting to the changes on the Burrard Bridge on Monday after the city turned one of the southbound traffic lanes into a bike-only lane over the weekend.

The six-month trial project also created a second bike-only lane for northbound cyclists on the eastern sidewalk, while the western sidewalk is now reserved for pedestrians in both directions.

On Monday morning, traffic on the bridge was light and there appeared to be few problems with the new traffic patterns. Some pedestrians said they were annoyed about losing access to the eastern sidewalk, forcing them to cross busy intersections at both ends of the bridge.

On Monday evening, traffic on the bridge remained lighter than usual, but southbound cars faced delays getting onto the bridge during rush hour. Drivers along Pacific Street on the north end of the bridge reported delays of up to 20 minutes. But once they got on the bridge, traffic appeared to move quickly.

Mayor Gregor Robertson pedalled his way over the bridge Sunday afternoon after crews had finished installing the concrete barriers and new signage.

He said the change in traffic patterns might be most noticeable in the afternoon when there will only be two vehicle lanes, instead of the usual three, heading southbound out of downtown.

"Hopefully, everyone [who] is in cars can adjust. The Granville Bridge has a lot of spare capacity and we're hoping that people, particularly coming out of downtown, can use Howe Street onto the Granville Bridge to exit the downtown, spread the traffic, and we don't have congestion like some are predicting," Robertson said.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer to the fullest!!!

The loop around the seawall its one of the MUST DO while out here...have a break and enjoy false creek and Science world view for now....summer to the fullest in Vancouver folks :O)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pitch & Putt at Stanley Park

Located in one of Vancouver's finest natural parks, Stanley Park Pitch & Putt offers sculpted fairways, mature trees and lush greens in a spectacular setting alongside English Bay. Minutes from the downtown core, with easy access along Lagoon Drive, the course is located amid a variety of park amenities including tennis courts, The Fish House Restaurant, lawn bowling club and swimming pool.

With 18 holes ranging from 40 to 100 yards, this splendid course is free of hazards and provides an unrivalled setting bordered by a magnificent rhododendron garden.

Adjacent to the pitch & putt course is an attractive 18-hole putting green that is suitable for all ages. The putting green is open from July 1-September 7, 2009. Hours are 12:00 noon - 7:30pm

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Canada!

Happy Canada Day!
Wherever you are and whomever you are!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Big Al's Pet Store

Every Tuesday night at Big Al's Shark feeding!!! Pretty cool to see if you are out and about in Richmond, Vancouver!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Artist at Stanley Park!

Its that time of the year when I acctually don't really stay home many hours a day, and you can tell by the lack of attention I have been paying to the blog. How rude of me!! ohh sorry folks has been just so awesome around here that its a crime...although I should be more organize and spend few minutes a day here and update you on pics of the wonderfull summer we are having!

Hope that you are all enjoying wherever you are and whatever season you are going throught...

Stanley Park inspire Artist from all over, here some local painters inprinting colors in their canvas...ahhh Summer!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Salmon season is coming!!!

I Visit again yesterday the largest collection of privately owned story (totem) poles in the world at the Story Pole Park, at the Capilano bridge park. Numerous poles were commissioned in the early 1930s and carved by the First Nations of the South West Coast.The most recent poles have been carved on-site by Pacific North West carvers. The newest addition to the collection is the Salmon Pole, carved by Master Carver Wayne Carlick during Capilano's 2005 Year of the Salmon celebrations.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good long week end Holidays!

Crazy kids doing those amazing dirt jump...and right next to him a couple of paramedics assisting a jumper who feltt few minutes before....a long week end with everything...I fall down the mountain too, just got few bruces here and there but had so much fun mountain biking....Vancouver have great trails to discover!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Suburb's life

Out in Coquitlam, by the Lafarge lake...kinda nice to spend the day fishing...but that cloud looks like its gonna open a shower soon...this days weather is unpredictable.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I used to think that Volleyball was such a boring game...I must say I had the chance to watch this week end the 2009 13 & 14U Canadian West Open,104 teams, so many matches of volleyball that my opinion has change..this is such a fun sport...I dont think will play it more than at the beach...but it is a fun game to play... Volleyball teams from across the country were competing in one venue for the Canadian West Open this past week end...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vancouver Marathon!

The Vancouver International Marathon is an annual race held on the first Sunday of May each year in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada .
The race started in 1972 when a small group of 72 runners ran five loops of Stanley Park to complete the first Vancouver International Marathon (known as Lions Gate Road Runners International Marathon)[3]. The marathon grew over the next few years to 300 participants in 1977. However the event suffered a major setback in 1976 when a participant, Dr. Leslie Truelove, collapsed mid-race and died due to aneurysm. In Truelove's memory, the Dr. Leslie Truelove Memorial Trophy has been awarded ever since to the first male finisher in the 50+ age category.
The 1983 race became known as the "Long Marathon" after runners were misdirected during its running — adding an extra 561 yards to the race.
Currently, several different options are available for participants[4]:
Full Marathon (a Boston Marathon qualifying event) - 42K
Marathon walkers - 42K
Wheelchair full marathon - 42K
Nordic Pole Walkers - 42K
Half Marathon - 21K
8K Course
Kids Marafun - 1K

This past week end, everyone who runned the Vancouver Marathon couldn't have been more thrilled with a picture perfect day last week end. Probably skepticism was running through their veins as the crew was setting up the night before in the heavy downpour but the sky broke in the morning, and the sun came shining through.
Almost 13,000 participants took part in the 2009 BMO Vancouver Marathon in the 42.2 km Marathon, 21.1 km Half Marathon, 8 km, and McDonald's Kids MaraFun. Benard Onsare took the men's title in the 42.2 km Marathon and Mary Akor defended hers for the 2nd year in a row with a time of 2:46:24, only 2 weeks after she completed the Boston Marathon. In the 21.1 km Half Marathon, the men's title was taken by Willy Kimosop in a time of 1:05:03 and the women's title by Lioudmila Kortchaguina in a time of 1:17:11. In the 8 km, Delta's Marc-Jason Locquiao took the crown in a time of 28:50 and Richmond's Amanda Stone took the women's title in 31:37.
Congratulations to everyone.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fun up high!

Capilano Suspension Bridge, open every day except Christmas, is Vancouver's oldest and most famous attraction, drawing over 800,000 visitors and 450 tour operators annually. The bridge is 450 feet across and 230 feet above Capilano River and is, without a doubt, the world's greatest suspension footbridge! It is conveniently located 10 minutes from downtown Vancouver, through Stanley Park, and over the Lions Gate Bridge. Take a stroll in this amazing Park... voices from the past mingle with the sounds of nature, award winning gardens skirt colourful totem poles, First Nations Carvers tell their story and the world's greatest suspension bridge takes you to the serenity of a West Coast rainforest ... it's all in a day's fun at Capilano Suspension Bridge .

Saturday, May 2, 2009

We are all Canucks!!

Tonight we play against Chicago for the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup's playoff...and the city as turn blue.
Will the home-ice magic continue tonight for the Vancouver Canucks?
Go Canucks GO!!!....We hope it never ends, of course, especially not tonight in Game 2 of their Western Conference second-round playoff series against the Chicago Blackhawks. Vancouver leadsthe best-of-seven 1-0 after taking Thursday’s opener 5-3

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

lower tide today...

Today we have a lower tide...I wonder about this phenomenon, in Antarctic the Ice is melting but here the water is like evaporating...Im really hoping we don't get a sudden massive water overload...I have been watching way too many programs about a possible Tsunami in the area...got to be prepare, not scared. It's scary thought...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Low Tide...

The tide was so low today that you could see many star fishes on certain spots around the seawal, like here by the lions gate bridge...wonderful day to snap and snap and snap...loving the low tide!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hungry Ducks!

This was our nice surprise at the end of our lap around the seawall tonight...hundresds of hungry ducks were diving for their dinner...awesome....now I need to find out which kind of ducks were this funny little back guys, with white neck and red beak...anyone???

Friday, April 24, 2009

Building home...

This bird is the largest and most widespread heron in North America, the Great Blue Heron can be found in the trees, along the ocean shore or the edge of a small inland pond.

The Great Blue Heron eats mostly fish, however it is willing to eat other animals as well.
Several studies have found that mice are a very important part of the herons diet, making up almost half of what is fed to nestlings.

The Great Blue Heron is a large, gray bird with long legs and an "S" shaped neck. They have a long, thick,
yellow bill, and a black plume extending from behind the eye to the back of the neck. There are
shaggy feathers on the neck and back, with bluish gray wings, back and belly. Here in Vancouver they are seen in large
amounts at Stanley Park, they nest near the tennis courts close to the Park's Board Office.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

...earth day

So Yesterday was the Earth day, and here in Vancouver few cool things where happening, the one I enjoyed the most was that a car dealer was giving away trees, yeap small little trees to be planted and help our future generations...how neat is that?? ...so let's buy the cars, polute the world, but...ehh here you go plant a tree and maybe wont be all so bad... ah ah aha

anyway...nice gesture...

Now this morning got a nicer picture than the one of the girls giving the trees away, so Im posting it instead...

The Big Blue Herons are back at Stanley Park, and they are building their nest, its still early spring so the branches of the trees are not full of leaves...which makes it easy to watch this Nature's wonder.

have a good every day earth day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

run bride run...

This is also the kind of things you see during the Sun run here in Vancouver...this one its pretty funny I think!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sun Run 2009

The Vancouver Sun run 2009, attracted close to 50.000 people this year, woowww was great fun to watch them run!!!...read more at the news paper link below...

"VANCOUVER - Even if it was only high overcast and relatively mild on Sunday for the annual 10K Sun Run, it wasn’t the oppressive heat of Kenya. But that didn’t bother Willy Kimosop one bit." gkingston@vancouversun.com

© Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun

more here

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Too much sun??

Is there something like too much sun?? ohh I think he is protecting himself of the cherry blossom...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy easter!

Vancouver is blooming, and this earster week end we could see how the egg trees where doing on the process...beautiful, spring is here!!! With eggs and everything else that Spring suppoused to bring with!! :O)
I hope every one had a great easter 2009.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vancouver Species

The sun is out this days, and with it come some of Vancouver's rare species...like this one on the bike at the left, too bad its was so fast I could reach my camera but had my phone on hand...have seen him before wil try to catch him next time...

We have many around folks...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Apologize, internet problems!!

I have been out of internet town for a while, and I apologize for the slow updating, will do my best to make it up and bring greatest new photographs to the blog!! Been also a bit sick, nothing too serious, just a bad cold and cough...feeling better though :O) thanks bloggy friends for asking!!!

And thanks for the watch to all of you out there!!!...

Vancouver is getting warmer, and also flowers and trees are blooming!! Its feels like summer again, but here we can not forget that during sprint time can alsoo snow, and be very cold...as last week. bbrrr

As been so sunny we can find scenes like this...

Monday, March 23, 2009

18 million...

An estimated $18 million will sail out of Vancouver next year after Carnival Cruise Lines decided to shift most of its Alaska cruise business to Seattle, Tourism Vancouver said Monday.

Steve Pearce, vice-president of Tourism Vancouver, said the dwindling economy worldwide seemed to be the reason behind the decision, because most Carnival customers are from the United States and flying in and out of Seattle is cheaper for them.

"Nine sailings, I believe, are going to Seattle, which is unfortunate," Pearce told CBC News on Monday.

"Each sailing for us is about $2 million economic activity, and [that] is an $18-million hit in the sector."

The U.S. cruise line announced last week that its 2,124-passenger ship, Carnival Spirit, will sail from Seattle beginning in May 2010 on seven-day round-trip cruises to southeast Alaska.

"It's usually a cheaper experience overall, departing out of Seattle than it is out of Vancouver, but it is a very different cruise experience, as well," Pearce said.

"They think that their customers are looking for deep discounts and they think they can offer those kinds of opportunities better out of Seattle than they can out of Vancouver."

But Pearce said he is not overly worried because there will still be more than 260 cruise ship sailings out of Vancouver next year, which is expected to bring in half a billion dollars.

"I don't see it being a long-term strategy," he said of Carnival Cruise Lines' shifting of business to Seattle. "I see this being a short-term tactic to take advantage of the circumstance."


Friday, March 13, 2009

March 2008!

This was the park by the seawall at English bay, by the Aquatic center on March 2008...blooming kinda

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bears are waking up!!!

Yes the bears are waking up in BC, Watch out onn the trails!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


mmm Art Gallery steps..good time for a break, perfect spot!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Roof Pool!

Very well hiden is this pool, in the heart of downtown skycrapers ceilings are some nice swimming pools like this one ...bbrr but in a cold days like today and yesterday nobody wants to use them anyway...bbrrr

I wonder if they get any sunshine at all!!???

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Femsports day!!

Saturday March 7th 2009...Femsport...me competing..yeah...
the one up front with the funny face its me...we had so much fun!

FEMSPORT recently completed its’ 8th year of providing a very unique annual event which challenges female athletes to test their strength, agility, power, endurance, and speed. There are no pre-qualifications to compete in this one day event and we welcome a variety of both amateur and professional natural athletes such as boxers, wrestlers, bodybuilders, hockey players, skaters, gymnasts, fitness competitors, models, etc. from around the world.

The categories vary each year and include such challenges as Biceps Curls, Kettlebell Lift, Box Jumps , Obstacle Course, Tire Pull and Tug-of-War.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dinner Cruise anyone??

The weather is improviong this days in Vancouver...so why not taking a lovelly dinner cruise around the bay?
not to miss for visitors!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Field Lacrosse, the other Very Canadian game!

In many Eastern and Northern Native American societies/tribes the sport was often part of religious ritual, played to resolve conflicts, heal the sick develop strong, virile men and as a preparation for war. Legend tells of games with over 100 players from different tribes taking turns in the contest. It could be played on a field many miles in length and width and sometimes lasted for days. Early lacrosse balls were made out of deerskin, clay, stone, and sometimes wood. Lacrosse has played a significant role in the community and religious life of tribes across the continent for many years. Early lacrosse was characterized by deep spiritual involvement, befitting the spirit of combat in which it was undertaken. Those who took part did so in the role of warriors, with the goal of bringing glory and honor to themselves and their tribes.[1] The game was said to be played "for the Creator" or referred to as "The Creator's Game".
Lacrosse is the oldest team sport in North America. It may have developed as early as the 1100s,[2][3] but since then it has seen many modifications. In the traditional Native American version, each team consisted of about 100 to 1,000 men on a field that stretched from about 500 yards to a couple of miles long.[4] These lacrosse games lasted from sunup to sundown for two to three days straight. These games were played to give thanks to the Creator.

Known as the "fastest game on two feet," the sport is popular in North America but is played internationally with increasing popularity. It is the official national summer sport of Canada.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Even in a cloudy day like today I would enjoy a terrace like this one.....read a news paper or a magazine...ahhh and just relax...

Stock Photography

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