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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vancouver Wall Center & TIR Systems

Vancouver innovative technology lighting up the world*!

Vancouver: Founded in 1982 in Vancouver TIR Systems is the leading edge of optoelectronic technology for lighting, the most significant advancement in lighting since the invention of the light bulb.

TIR has become a world leader in delivering specialty lighting as a result of prism light guide technology developed by University of British Columbia physicist Lorne A. Whitehead.

The 'Light Pipe' is at the forefront of TIR's success. Light Pipes on all three towers of trendy Wall Centre have become its signature on Vancouver's skyline-by-night. The Light Pipes, located at tower pinnacles, are, in this case, 36-foot high, six inch wide tubes each lit by a single 250 watt metal halide bulb. Based on "TIR" or total internal reflection of light beamed from a small bulb down an internally coated tube, the Light Pipes are visible for miles around the city.

Primarily aimed at illuminated masting and spires of significant buildings the first use of the patented technology was in Vancouver's Wall Centre but taken up in new high-profile structures in New York, Frankfurt, Boston, Philadelphia, Hong Kong and other world cities.

The 3 Buildings of Wall Centre Vancouver

Building Floors Year
completed One Wall Centre 48 2001
completed Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel 35 1994
completed Suites at Wall Centre 30 1995

- Situated is on an entire city block bounded by Burrard (W), Nelson (N), Hornby (E) and Helmcken Streets (S).
- Over 1,000 hotel and condo units in the complex.
- All three towers have TIR Light Pipes on top.
- Site was originally occupied by the Dawson primary school and King George Secondary School.

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