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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today as many times a week I passed by this set of Chairs...I desided will be my post of the day, hope you like them as I do.
Don't forget to visit the Sunset beach and see it with your own eyes if you come to the Weste end in Vancouver.
(The Burrard Bridge makes a perfect background)

Echoes , a series of stainless-steel chairs planted in the sand at Sunset Beach - another piece from the 2005 Biennale, incorporates ten of Goulet’s trademark stainless steel chair sculptures. The chair’s location in a public space invites interaction and conversation as a way of overcoming the typically urban alienation it alludes to. Meanwhile, the chairs are all set at different angles along the beach, suggesting the multitude of perspectives and possibilities open to people in our privileged socio-economic position.Currently there is a proposal to make this sculpture a permanent fixture in Vancouver.

Born in l944 in Asbestos, Canada, Artist-sculptor Michel Goulet lives and works in Montreal. His sculpture installations were part of many important museum exhibitions in Canada, the United States and Europe. Last year, the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montreal held a six month retrospective of his work on paper and sculpture installations. This year (2006), he is part of the first Le Havre Biennale in France with a new outdoor sculpture installation and will be the honored guest artist of the National Contemporary sculpture Biennale.

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