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Thursday, January 22, 2009

We live down there...

Yes, Vancouver is actually down there, under all that fog!!!
My boyfriend Simon, is not really an early, mean EARLY bird, but this morning he was so keen and well... kind of happy and adventurous to take me up there to the mountains at 6 am... but to our surprise the road we wanted to go up through to an amazing view point, was closed!! YES!! only opens at 7am, ooohhhhh. We did few loopy loops and got to a clear area, to try and shoot something....too bad we didn't really have the city skyscrapers coming out of the clouds to get a more dramatic shot....ahhhww well I'm am very happy we try and got at least this....kinda cloudy shot....the moon movement , due to a long exposure and some jet lines on the air....we will try again on Saturday, stay tuned :O}

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BFF Award