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Monday, March 23, 2009

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An estimated $18 million will sail out of Vancouver next year after Carnival Cruise Lines decided to shift most of its Alaska cruise business to Seattle, Tourism Vancouver said Monday.

Steve Pearce, vice-president of Tourism Vancouver, said the dwindling economy worldwide seemed to be the reason behind the decision, because most Carnival customers are from the United States and flying in and out of Seattle is cheaper for them.

"Nine sailings, I believe, are going to Seattle, which is unfortunate," Pearce told CBC News on Monday.

"Each sailing for us is about $2 million economic activity, and [that] is an $18-million hit in the sector."

The U.S. cruise line announced last week that its 2,124-passenger ship, Carnival Spirit, will sail from Seattle beginning in May 2010 on seven-day round-trip cruises to southeast Alaska.

"It's usually a cheaper experience overall, departing out of Seattle than it is out of Vancouver, but it is a very different cruise experience, as well," Pearce said.

"They think that their customers are looking for deep discounts and they think they can offer those kinds of opportunities better out of Seattle than they can out of Vancouver."

But Pearce said he is not overly worried because there will still be more than 260 cruise ship sailings out of Vancouver next year, which is expected to bring in half a billion dollars.

"I don't see it being a long-term strategy," he said of Carnival Cruise Lines' shifting of business to Seattle. "I see this being a short-term tactic to take advantage of the circumstance."



Ineke said...

we are thinking of coming to vancouver this summer and as we have to fly with 5 persons i am deliberating whether to wait for ticketprices to drop (for now that would be around 5000 dollars) or to be sure about my seats. Haven't decided yet.
the crisis is hitting tourism all over hard. We;ve got some museums as clients and especially those ones depending on american tourists have a very hard time at the moment.

Kim said...

Sorry to have stolen that cruise ship. Hopefully you'll get it back soon. I can watch the cruise ships leave every evening once the season gets under way, and I don't know how Seattle can accommodate anymore than it already has. They already follow each other out onto the Sound fairly closely.

And Ineke, if you do decide to go to Vancouver, let me know when that will be. Maybe I can drive up and meet you. :-)
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Malyss said...

Hi, Barbara,
You did not post since a long time now. I hope you're in holidays, and not ill.
Being french, I'm not sure to understand well the story above: a cruse company, usually based in Vancouver, decided to change and established in USA because it was more attractive, in those times of crisis?..This crisis gives reasons to a lot of people to do things they would have not dare to do before..

Chriss said...

It's sad to see so much revenue being lost but I guess it can't be helped in this economy. That photo is beautiful and very serene.

Malyss said...

Hi, Barbara,
Please tell something, your long silence is worrying me!

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