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Thursday, April 23, 2009

...earth day

So Yesterday was the Earth day, and here in Vancouver few cool things where happening, the one I enjoyed the most was that a car dealer was giving away trees, yeap small little trees to be planted and help our future generations...how neat is that?? ...so let's buy the cars, polute the world, but...ehh here you go plant a tree and maybe wont be all so bad... ah ah aha

anyway...nice gesture...

Now this morning got a nicer picture than the one of the girls giving the trees away, so Im posting it instead...

The Big Blue Herons are back at Stanley Park, and they are building their nest, its still early spring so the branches of the trees are not full of leaves...which makes it easy to watch this Nature's wonder.

have a good every day earth day!


James said...

That's a great picture it almost looks like the heron is falling out of the sky.
I have a car so I can't judge car dealers for selling them. But Kudos to you and all the those who stand up for your principles.

Malyss said...

You choosed a perfect picture for this special day.
Even if the trees were given by someone in a car, at least something was done in your country. Here, nothing happened, nobody spook about it , and I'm very angry and sad for that..
A perfect world is still far, but every little thing each of us does is a little step toward something better!

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