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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Downtown back Alleys

The Alleys downtown Vancouver have that mysterious look, between dirt and arty farty kind of look...oh god I like those alleys...they can smell pretty bad. You get to see some poor people, loads of them sometimes, from way to young ones to jesus take me soon kind of old ones.
Here is also where the not much nice look of this City...the drugs use and abuse shines out.


Meg in Nelson said...

Definitely arty pic. Glad it doesn't smell.

Francisco de said...

Bab you are the best

Wayne said...

You won't believe this Barb. I was down there this morning taking the same pics. I haven't even looked at mine yet. I'll just delete them (kidding).

Over the years I can recall a number of artists choosing this theme. There is something about those hydro poles.

You've done a great job. If all we shoot is the pretty stuff I think it would get boring fairly quickly.

Stephi said...

I've subscribed to your blog and I just love getting my Vancouver Daily Photo each morning!

Kim said...

hey Barb,
Ditto what Wayne said (except I wasn't just down there shooting this scene, too). Narrow spaces like alleys seem challenging to shoot, especially when there's deep shadow and bright light all in one scene. I like the visual rhythm the poles create as my eye is drawn down the ally. You might consider uploading medium or large views of your shots. It wasn't until I clicked on it to enlarge it that I discovered you'd posterized it. . .way cool effect!
Seattle Daily Photo

PS- I notice you've installed the star rating widget and wanted to let you know there has recently been a troll who seems to delight in coming around and giving low scores for no reason. I put the star widget on my blog awhile back so that people who didn't have time to comment had a one-click option to register some feedback about the post. If Mr. One Star keeps messing around, I'm going to take it off. -K.

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