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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gastown Steam Clock

A steam clock is a clock which is fully or partially powered by a steam engine. Only a few functioning steam clocks exist, most designed and built by Canadian horologist Raymond Saunders for display in urban public spaces. Steam clocks built by Saunders are located in Otaru, Japan; Indianapolis, USA; and the Canadian cities of Vancouver, Whistler and Port Coquitlam, all in British Columbia. Steam clocks by other makers are installed in Jersey and at the Chelsea Farmers' Market in London, England.

Although they are often styled to appear as 19th-century antiques, steam clocks are a more recent phenomenon inspired by the Gastown steam clock built by Saunders in 1977. One exception is the steam clock built in the 19th century by Birmingham engineer John Inshaw to demonstrate the versatility of steam power.


jill said...

Barbara, I have never heard of such a clock. What you learn on CDP! I imagine this is very interesting to observe. I love the steam and the double decker in your photo.

Kim said...

Hey Barb, I have an ancient travel photo of me standing in front of that very clock. It's cool that you caught the steam so well in the shot, and I like seeing the bus in the shot.

I like your new header photo. What a sight!! It's so beautiful. And I see you installed the star rating. I had that for six or eight months and it was great. I took it off recently because some troll kept coming through and messing with it. Looks like they might be having a bit of fun at your expense, too. It's too bad, as it's a quick way to get feedback from folks who haven't time to leave a comment at every visit.
Hope you keep having fun with it.
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Hilda said...

Cool! This is the first time I've seen, or even heard of, a clock like this!

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